Twenty Children and Young Adult Books Converted into Audiobooks

With the presence of outstanding Iran’s theater and cinema actors, the first Kanoon collection of audiobooks were presented on April 11, 2019.

According to Kanoon Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Roohollah Kazemizadeh, director general to supervise Kanoon publications delivered a lecture in this ceremony. He said, “We are aiming to publish at least eight more collections of audiobooks and reach the number one hundred.”

He said, “We are hoping for great happenings to take place in Kanoon.”

He emphasized that, “Along with Kanoon main task that is publishing sumptuous books, we are going to pay attention to other sorts of media such as audiobooks, film-books, animation-books, theater-books, toy-books, puppet-books and replica-books.”   

Kazemizadeh stated that, “His colleagues believe that these books are useful to most Kanoon members especially children. We are doing our best for this range of Kanoon members to get benefit from such books; that is why we are trying to send them immediately to all over Iran.”

At the end of his speech he said, “The collection of audiobooks will be presented in Tehran 32nd International Book Exhibition.”

A special part of the ceremony was the attendance of cinema and theater actors on the stage and performing short parts of the books.

 “ Conquering the Night”, “ Kid, Soldier, Sea” ,  “ Storks on the Roof” , “ Tisto, the Green Finger” ,  “ Miguel” , “ Children of the Rail Way Station” , “ Flying Class”,  “ Poliana  ‘ , ….. “ Mother”  are the titles of the novels narrated by artists such as  “Habib Rezaei” ,  “ Amin Zendeghani” , “Ehreram Boroumand”,  “Afsaneh Bayghan”, “ Soroush Sehat”,   “ Ramin  Naser Nasir” , “ Mansour Zabetian” ,” Ghelareh Abbasi” , “ Ehsan Karami” , “ Elham Paveh Nejad” .

Meanwhile, the following books were changed into audiobooks with  Azadeh Moghaddam narrating them: “ Good bye Old Raccoon” ,  “ Now Flowers, Now Spring” ,  “ Worm, Three Periods” , “ The Story of Two Lonely Turtles”, “ Was, Was, Was” (1), “ Was, Was, Was” (2), “ The Story of Uncle Nowrooz and Aunt Nobahar”, “ The Eleventh Step”, “ The Fisherman and the Spring” ,  and “ The Kind Moon”.



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