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“God’s Cookies” Got eleven years old in its Fourth Edition

“God’s Cookies” by Clari Jubert familiarize children with concepts such as theism, kindness, and being grateful.

According to Kanoon Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Kanoon first published this book in 2008. It is the story of a little bear who decides to thank god for all the beauty he has created on the earth. The crow suggests that he cooks God some cookies but the hedgehog has another idea.

In a part, we read as follows: It was spring. In the middle of the field, the apple tree had blossomed. It was morning and sunlight was shining on the dews settled over the meadow. The little bear woke up and put his head out of his nest, looked around and with lots of surprise he shouted, “Oh my god, you have made this spot so beautiful!”  He scratched his head and asked himself, “How can I thank God for all this beauty?”

According to this, “God’s Cookies” reached the fourth edition and is published in 2500 copies for children above the age of seven. 22 thousand copies of the book was published previously.

Clair Jubert was the illustrator of the book himself. It is 7000 Toomans.

It should be mentioned that the play titled “God’s Cookies” directed by Arash Sharifzadeh is based on this book produced at Kanoon Center for Theater and Puppet Theater. It won six awards from 23rd International Children and Young Adults Theater.


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