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Publish Date: 25 August 2019 - 09:37
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The Story of Iran's Endangered Animals is Published for Teens

Kanoon publishes a collection of stories to introduce endangered species in Iran with the following title: “Hey! Take Care of Us.”

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the layout of nine books of this series written by a number of prominent children books authors is ending. One more title is in writing process.

Zhoreh Parirokh who has proposed the publication of this collection to Kanoon and has written one of the books herself says, “At present Mojghan BabaMarandi is in charge of this project. We picked 40 endangered Iranian species out of which ten were chosen. Nine of the books are at layout stage.”

She said that Iranian Cheetah, Brown Bear, Yellow Deer, Iranian Zebra, Blonde Crow, Euphrates Turtle, King Fox, Lorestan Salamander, Bride Goose, Hope Crane (Siberia) are the animals about which Iranian authors have written.

The author said the audience for this collection is 9 years old children and above. Zohreh Parirokh emphasized on the effect of such books on forming the culture of supporting and protecting endangered species. She said, “Publishing such types of books calls for follow-up activities like advertising, presenting the product in the right way, even making realistic animations.

At the end, she said, “If scheduling and follow-up activities are done in a right way, writing and publishing such books not only informs the young generation about endangered Iranian animals, but also it plays an important role in cultivation and protection of these creatures.

According to this report, the stories of the collection “Hey! Take Care of Us” are accompanied by photographs of these animals living environment to tell the children and adolescents how and why these animals are endangered and how they can help protect these animals and their environment.


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