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 “Call Me Ziba” Published in Armenia

The copy right for publishing “Call Me Ziba” written by Farhad Hassanzadeh was given to “Editprint”, a publisher from Armenia. Geork Asatourian, the translator and journalist, translated and published the book.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon first published this novel in 2015.

The book has had so many achievements so far.

 * Selected by the Council of Children Books

 * Nominated as the book of the year in Kanoon Twentieth Book Festival     

 * Won the honorary diploma from IBBY in Greece

 * Placed in the White Crow list (Munich Library, Germany) in 2017

The author of “Call Me Ziba” depicts a fifteen-year old beautiful girl who lives in an organization controlled by Welfare State. The girl’s father is in the asylum for some mental sickness. The story of these two different generations reaches its climax by some naughty plans. On her birthday, Ziba helps her dad to escape the asylum.

The author has tried to show his audience the variety of people’s lives. He has tried to tell them to have different outlooks towards different themes and happenings around them.

Hassanzadeh’s books have been translated into English, Chinese, Malay, Arabic, Korean, Arminian, Turkish, and Kurdish so far.

 “Call Me Ziba” has been translated and published into English, Arabic and Turkish in Turkey.


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