Three Kanoon Books Unveiled in Frankfurt Exhibition

Three Kanoon books translated into Turkish are unveiled at Iran National Pavilion at Frankfurt International Book Fair.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, these books are: “My Moon, Our Moon” written by Anahita Teymourian, 2010; “Where is My Home?” written by Reza Dalvand, 2016 from the collection of “Morghak”, Kanoon and “Liasand Maris' Fairy Tales” by Tahireh Abid, 2011 from collection of Youth Novel.

Apart from these three, eleven books from Iran were unveiled in Frankfurt Book Fair:

 “Alef, Dal, Mim” written by Mehdi Hoajvani, “King of

Trash Pickers” by Mehdi Mirkiani, “Me Them” by Reza Amirkhani, “Who Knows Mr Pink?” by Mojghan Kalhor published by Ofogh, “Forty Pieces” by Jamaldin Akrami published by Peidayesh, “Jasmin” by M. Moadabpour published by Nasle Noandish, “Hell but Paradise” by Nazi Safavi published by Goghnos, “Onion Legend by Fatemehzahra Emami, “In the  Middle of Dark Corridor” by Mehdi Rajabi published by Houpa, “Digging Tunnel Contest” by Clare Jubert published by Mehrab Ghalam, and “Prun” by Nasim Marashi published by Nashre Cheshmeh.

Grant Design Secretariat had planned the unveiling program with the managers of “Dalmla” and “Nar” publications from Turkey and Officials of the National Pavilion of Iran present. 

The list of books is prepared by the cooperation of Grant Design Secretariat and Turkish publishers.


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