“Water Dream” from “Our Ancestors” Collection Published

“Water Dream”, a book written by Abbas Jahangirian, from “Our Ancestors” collection is published and sent to the market by Kanoon

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Masoud Gharabaghi is the illustrator; it is for age category 15 and over. The book intends to familiarize this group with the story of water and water supply in Iran.

The book talks about topics such as “the emergence of Qanat (underground water routs)”, “emergence of new civilizations”, “well-diggers, water and soil engineers”, “designing and making Qanat”, “dams”, “the history of making underground water tanks in Iran”, “Mirab (water distributors)”, “Zirab (voidance water)”, “the history of emergence of clay pitcher (Koozeh)”, “water clock”, “well-known Iranian water engineers and hydrologists”.


In part of the book we read, “Water brings prosperity. Wherever water goes, that place flourishes and if it does not go, debris and deserts are left. Our country is located on the dry strip and in the dry hemisphere. That is why Iranians have always dreaded drought. The collection called “Our Ancestors” deals with the culture and civilization of Iranian people after Islam. It views Iran’s fate with a different outlook; it tries to look for the history through the heart of people’s lives and their culture.

So far, six books have been published from this series: “Pen and Crown” is the story of Iranian ministers written by Ebrahim Hassanbeigi, “Bells and Ways” is the story of trading in Iran written by Hossein Bekaie.

Mehdi Mirkiaie has written the story of books and reading in “Caravan of Wisdom”; Abbas Jahangirian has written the story of Iranian physicians during Sassanid dynasty up to the present in “School of Angels”, while Jamaledin Akrami has written the story of Iran’s sports in “Ball and Polo”. By reading “Carriage Riding Sun” written by Hossein Bekaie, one gets familiar with the history of calendar in Iran.  

 “Water Dream” has been published in 60 pages with hard covers and 2,500 copies. The book is available in Kanoon stores; interested ones can buy it for 28000 Tomans.


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