The Jury for Kanoon International Story Telling Festival Introduced

Gity Khameneh, Folke Tegetthoff and Ashkan Khatibi are introduced as the jury for Kanoon 22nd International Story Telling Festival.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mohammad Reza Zomorrodian, head of Kanoon 22nd International Story Telling Festival, Gity Khameneh, Folke Tegetthoff from Austria and Ashkan Khatibi are the judges for the international section of the festival.

Gity Khameneh, storyteller and well-known TV presenter, has experienced not only story telling but also making short films, and half feature films. She also has written and directed animations.

Folke Tegetthoff is a professional storyteller, and university professor. He teaches storytelling at international level. He is the founder of international storytelling festival in Austria, one of the most prestigious festivals in the world in 32 years.

Ashkan Khatibi is a theater artist. In addition to acting, he writes and directs as well. He has been providing professional theater instruction for teens from 12 to 17 years. He has translated the following plays: “Wild Love”, “The Curse of the Starving” by Sam Shepard and “Love and Curse”.

The festival closing is supposed to be held from Dec 17 to 21, 2019 in Center for Cultural/ Artistic Creation on Hejab St.


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