Central Complex

Address: No. 22, 24, Khaled Eslamboli St, Shahid Beheshti Ave, Tehran

Telephone Center: 02184014

Telephone Exchange: 021

In this complex, the following units are located:

  • Director Office
  • Advisors Office
  • Reference Library
  • Production Vice President and its sub-collections include

 1.  General Directorate for Supervising Publications

 2. General Directorate of Cinema and Theater

 3.  Office of Productive Entertainments and Computer Games    

 4.  Graphic and Music Units  

 5. Cinema-Theater Hall

* Deputy Director of Development and Resource Management,     and its sub-collections include

 1.  General Directorate for Finance and Audit

2.  General Directorate for Human Resources and Support

3.  General Directorate for Plans and Budgets

4.  Office of Legal and Estate Administration and Judicial Support of Employees

5.  Headquarters of Security

6.  Office of Evaluating Performance and Complaint Recovery

7. Office of Information Technology and Administrative      Transformation

are located.

Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs

Address: Center for Cultural/ Artistic Creation, Hejab St, Dr Fatemi Ave, Tehran

Phone: +982188971313

Fax: +982188971319

Email: Info@kpf.ir

Email: pr.kanoonparvaresh@gmail.com

Kanoon Site: www.kpf.ir

Telegram: www.telegram.me/kanoonparvareshpr

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kanoonparvaresh

Kanoon Official Page in Aparat: www.aparat.com/kanoonparvaresh

Center for Cultural/ Artistic Creation

Address: Hejab St, Dr Fatemi Ave, Tehran

 Telephone Center:  02188967423-6

Art Workshops: 02188951501-3

The following offices are located in this center:

  • General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs 
  • General Directorate for Supervising Printing and Distributing Kanoon Products
  •  Deputy of Cultural Affairs and its subset include
  1. General Directorate of Cultural Creations
  2. General Directorate of Education and Research
  3. Children Museum
  4. Kanoon General Directorate of Tehran Province
  5. Kanoon 43rd Cultural Arts Center

Center for cultural/artistic creation director runs the main building of this center.

This center has the following facilities:

  • 7000 square meter of exhibition area
  • 2 amphitheaters, conference halls, restaurant, children bazar, art workshops, and the like.

Ghods Complex

Address: Phase 3, Shahid Hassan Seif Ave., Shahrak Ghods (Gharb), Tehran

Council of Supervising Toys

Secretariat phone: 02188085833

Extension: 9

The following units exist in Ghods complex:

  • Council of Supervising Toys
  • Kanoon Office of Development Projects
  • Kanoon 37th Center
  • Kanoon Language School
  • CIFEJ Office

Iran Language Institute

Address: 33, Fajr St, Motahari Ave, Tehran

Phone: +98 2188308032-4

Fax: +982188322034

Iran Language Institute Site: www.ili.ir  


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