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Kanoon Publishing

Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults

Kanoon publishing and producing section publishes many artistic and cultural works, such as books, movies, animations, audio books, documentaries, music albums, plays, puppet shows, toys, intellectual entertainments and instructional software.

Another part of Kanoon activities is holding various festivals, such as storytelling festivals, puppet shows, children book fairs, biannual animation festivals and press festivals.

Foreign language teaching is another part of Kanoon activities. Iran Language Institute (ILI) is the center to instruct various languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and German.

It is worth mentioning that Kanoon activities is not restricted to Iran; rather, it is actively interacting with the international organizations abroad. Their constant participation in the international art festivals and competitions, such as movies, books, and paintings, is only one of their many international activities. Kanoon has been able to win many valuable awards in filmmaking, illustrating children’s books, children’s paintings, etc. For instance, the movie, “The Children of Heaven”, has been a candidate for Oscar award and also Kanoon books have won the Golden Plaque of Bologna and the Golden Apple of Bratislava.

“The Cultural and Friendship Weeks” between Iranian children and those of other countries are of another international activities which are annually held between two countries, participated by children, trainers, authorities, artists, etc.


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