“The Cycling Wind” Started Winding in International Festivals

Kanoon latest animation titled “The Cycling Wind” directed by Nazanin Sobhani Sarbandi has participated in three international film markets.

According to Kanoon Public Relations and International Affairs Office, Sarbandi has written the scenario of this six-minute animation based on one of the stories by Farhad Hassanzadeh published by Kanoon: “Clip-Clop….Clip-Clop”

The animation is the story of a young wind who gets on a bicycle. Now, it can wind faster because it is riding a bicycle. Without using much energy, it can freely go to any direction and enjoy getting around. Moreover, it is the only wind, which has such vehicle. This freedom and power make is possible for the wind to do any thing…

Nazanin Sobhani Sarbandi has designed the storyboard and the rail; space creation, graphics and background are made by two-dimensional digital technique.

Samaneh Asadi is the animator, Maral Alizadeh Kamposit and Milad Mohammadi are the composers, Mohammad Naseri is the editor, Changiz Sayyad is the dubbing mixer.

This animation has been introduced in Berlin 68th International Film Festival Market and Clermont 34th International Short Movies Film Market; also in Fajr 22nd International Film and Television Program Market.


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