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Publish Date: 26 May 2019 - 11:28
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Families Welcome Theater by Kanoon/ Arkansa Bear Fantasy Narration about Death

Nowadays, Kanoon Boostan Hall is Hosting “Arkansa Bear” Performance, a Fantasy Narration of Death Welcomed by Families.

Fariborz DaraeiDeath has always been a crucial question for children and adolescents and families have always faced a challenge replying this question. One of the best ways to reply their question is through the arts especially theater.

Nowadays, Kanoon Boostan Hall is hosting “Arkansa Bear” performance written by Aurand Harris, translated by Behzad Nejadghanbar and directed by Mehdi Moghimi Esfandabadi.

 “Arkansa Bear” is a successful work produced and performed at Kanoon. It was staged five years ago and the audience welcome it. At present, it is being performed again and it welcomes children, adolescents, and their families.

The moment one enters the lobby of the hall, they can see eye-catching number of children, adolescents and their parents who have come to watch the play.

Most mothers who have come with their kids say they always come to watch theaters at Kanoon; that they always check if there are plays at Boostan and Gholestan Halls for children and adolescents.

According to these families, children make good connection with these plays since they deal with the topics and questions that matters to them.

Mehdi Moghimi Edfandabadi in reply to the question that why this play is about death says, “There are questions about death and why adults and creatures must die. There are various audience; after watching five years ago play and the present one, they have told me that now they can explain death more easily to their children.”

He said one of the reasons why we are performing the play again after five years is the question which never gets old for children; they are always asking about death. Another reason is Kanoon policy to perform successful plays again.

Moghimi compares the connection children made with the play performed five years ago with the one children are making today.  He says, “Unfortunately, children have lost their sensitivity towards death during the past five years, due to various reasons caused loss of lives recently, especially young generation. On the other hand, there is vast news and information on internet. Yet, they are still curious about the reasons of death.”

The director explains why the audience welcomes the present performance of “Arkansa Bear”. He believes, “I have the audience who had seen the play five years ago, now they are watching it again with their children who have grown up more. Fortunately, the play is rich enough now and the audience has welcomed it. There is performance for schools and kindergartens in the morning.

Moghimi addresses families at the end of his speech: “Kanoon performs plays with the lowest ticket price. This is a good chance for families to fill their cultural basket with professional high quality products.

“Arkansa Bear” is the story of a little girl who faces surprising adventures when she wishes she never lost her grandfather. In her imaginations, the protagonist comes to know a bear performing in a circus. Based on the old bear’s wish, she creates a hopeful and beautiful picture of the relationship among various generations and life.

Mohsen Safari, Maliheh, Mehdi, Sama Esfandabadi, Mohsen Ghasri, Somayeh Salmani, Danial Bloori, Hamid Fazlollah, and Ramin Zangeneh are the actors.

Akram Dehghani was the costume designer; Somayeh Soleimani and Alireza Hosseinpour were scenic designers; Leila Hossein was the designer for movements;  Mohammad Reza Shamlou was light designer. Reza Haghgoo is the composer; Mohsen Shahcheraghi is the director assistant and scene manager;  Alireza Hosseinpour and Mohammad Reza Shamlou were décor makers and Reyhaneh Motahari is in charge of public relations. This group has cooperated to perform the play.

 “Arkansa Bear” is performed since May 21, till June 21, 2019. The play is performed for kindergartens and schools. Schools and kindergartens are asked to make prior arrangement. The public can watch the play in the evening, at 6 p.m., in Kanoon Boostan Hall located at Laleh Park.

You can buy digital tickets through the following site:


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