Two more Kanoon Books at Apple Store in Arabic

Two more books by Kanoon titled “It was Moon and the Fox” and “Make Friends with Numbers” has recently been presented online in apple store. They are in Arabic.

According to Kanoon Public Relations and International Affairs Office, the copyright for a number of Kanoon books in Arabic was assigned to  the Emirate Electronic Book Company (Lamsa) after Kanoon delegate negotiated with that company during Bologna Book Exhibition in Frankfort.

As a result, the electronic copies of books titled “Kid of All” and “The Scissors Looking for a Job” were produced by the company and uploaded on the company site for Arab speaking children to purchase and enjoy the interesting stories and illustrations of them.

According to another treaty, this company is supposed to upload some more electronic books; “My Name”, “Are you a Stork or Woodpecker?”, “What is That, Who is That”, the collection called “Papuchi” are supposed to be uploaded for Apple Arab users round the world. 

According to this report, the story of these electronic books are supposed to be presented in the form of animations; simultaneously, a narrator narrates the story then children are able to manage the animation and move their hands on the characters and play with them.

Apple store which introduces the best soft wares for children, introduced soft wares by Lamsa as the best in children section.

Those who use iOS cell phones must download Lamsa software from apple store and search the titles of the books and purchase.


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