Shooting for “Ocean behind Window”, Kanoon new production, started in south of Iran.

Babak Nabizadeh, the director, said shooting for Kanoon latest production commenced on June 9 in south of Iran.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Babak Nabizadeh the author and director for “An Ocean behind the Window” said, “This film is for 7-14 year-old children. Adolescents have major participation in the film but there are some streaks of adults’ social relationships and issues.  Seyyed Jalal Chavoushian is the producer.

He said, “Filming started on June 9th. Pre-production took for about 4 months. Filming will last for two months; other procedures will take 45 days. There are 40 various locations of which %30 will be in Bandar Abbas and Minab and the rest are in some villages: Gomboroun, Soheili, Salkh, and Tabl.

Babak Nabizadeh said, “It is my first feature films, first experience.”  About Kanoon’s effect on cultural growth of children and adolescents Nabizadeh said, “Kanoon has always played a critical role in children and adolescents cultural growth, in enabling and educating them and in discovering talents all over Iran.

Kanoon as the only safe place and hope for Iranian children puts more responsibility on its shoulders since the present condition is much more critical and children’s physical and psychological needs are changing.

 “Ocean behind Window” is the story of Borhan, a young and smart adolescent from a village in a faraway and beautiful island in which people have a hard life. He takes a group of tourists to island’s spectacular visiting spots. He plays music and performs shows for them. Life starts burgeoning. More tourists come to the island but there is a big problem on the way…

Babak Nabizadeh has made seven short documentaries. He has received many awards from domestic and international film festivals such as Moustapha Akkad Award, England Insight Festival Award for the best film, jury award from Italy Religion Today Festival, Russia Peace and War Festival Award for the best film,  and awards from Erbil Festival for the best film and the best  filming for three of his films namely “ Empty Handed but Strong Heart”.  

Group of Cinematography of “Ocean behind Window”:

Producer: Seyed Jalal Chavoushian:

Scriptwriter and Director: Babak Nabizadeh

Production Manager: Mehdi Madadkar

Filming Manager: Hamid Mehrafrouz

Scene and Costume design: Majid Alaeslam

Sound Mixing: Hosseing Ghourchian

Programmer: Mohammad Hamidi

Makeup Design: Darush Salehian

First Director Assistant: Hamed Nobari

Production Support: Mohammad Habibi

Procurement Manager: Amir Farahani

Production Support in Hormozghan: Yousef Ranjbar, Reza Mehrani

Cast: Hadiseh Karami, Mohammad Azadi, Mehran Mozzafari, Jafar Ghasemi, Hassan Zakeri, Bahram Komeijani, Amir Ghavidel, Yousef Ranjbar, Gholam Ranjbar, Mohammad Salimi

There are 57 actors acting in the film, three are from Tehran and the rest are from Minab and Gheshm Island.


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