Soroush Sehat, Maryam Jalali and Majid Tavakkoli Appointed as Artistic, Scientific, and Executive Directors

Soroush Sehat author, actor and director: is appointed as artistic director of Kanoon 22nd International Storytelling Festival.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mohammad Zomorrodian, head of Kanoon 22nd International Storytelling Festival, in the decree to Soroush Sehat, put emphasis on upgrading the quality of judgement by getting experts, specialists and public involved.

Zomorrodian appointed Maryam Jalali as the scientific director of the festival. Jalali is a member of board of education at Beheshti University and a member of Kanoon delegation for theoretical foundations. She is an associate professor and a member of editorial board and science committee of Social Science Journal, England. She is a member of Iran Children Book Council, too.

Majid Tavakkoli, film director, was appointed as the executive director of the festival. He was the executive director of the last festival, too. He is the director of “Born in 65”.

Afsoon Amini, general director of Center of Cultural and Artistic Creation is in charge of provincial and regional committees in 22nd storytelling festival. She is a member of executive committee, too.

Nasrin Sajadian, general director of Kanoon Education and Research Center, is in charge of science committee.

Elham Darabi is in charge of the secretariat of 22nd storytelling festival.   


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