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Performing “Derakhshang” at Kanoon Theater Center

“Derakhashang” written and directed by Alireza Aghagie is staged on 17 Nov 2019 at Kanoon Center for Theater Production and Puppet Theater located at Laleh Park.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, by timing of “Devoid”, a play written and directed by Mehdi Farshidi Sepehr, coming to a halt, “Derakhashang” written and directed by Alireza Aghaie staged in Ilam before, is being staged at Kanoon Theater Center on 17 Nov 2019. The play is on the stage every day except Saturdays at Gholestan Hall in Knoon Center for Theater Production and Puppet Theater located at Laleh Park at 6 pm.

The play participated in Mubarak International Festival in 2018, India Ishara Festival in 2018 and Borsa Festival, Turkey in 2018. It has received the award for the best Iranian play from the viewpoint of the Department of the Critique of 17th Mubarak International Festival. It also has been admired by Iran Puppet Shows at Theater Celebration in 2019.

Mohammad Akbarian, Shima Delhonar, Mohammad Amin Bazvand, Mehrdad Rezaie, Hosna Sandoghabadi, Behnaz Mehdikhah are actors and puppeteers in this play.

It is written in the summary of the play that human beings fight with each other to get the last apple existing the world. The apple tree is at the side of a playground. Two children are trying to prevent the war.

In this play:

Behnaz Mehdikhah is the artistic consultant;

Amir Rashidifar is the animator;

Mohammad Reza Rostampour is the poet;

Arash Selghi is the composer;

Behnaz Mehdikhah is the puppet designer and maker;

Alireza Aghaie is the stage designer;

Mohammad Akbarian and Shima Delhonar are the decorator;

Mohammad Reza Shomloufar is the light designer;

Fatemeh Almasi is brochure and poster designer;

Ali Shohani Nejad is the photographer;

Mojdeh Zakariapour is the production manager;

Rojin Sattari and Roshanak Karimi are in charge of public relations and virtual advertising.

Kanoon is staging the play with aim of supporting plays produced in other cities in Iran. The play is suitable for children above 5.

It should be mentioned that there is discount for children above 4 except Thursdays and Fridays.

 “Derakhshang” is  performed for schools and kindergartens in the morning and for the public in the evening. You can buy the ticket through

or call 09223932892.

 “Derakhshang” will be performed until the end of Dec at Kanoon Center for Theater Production and Puppet Theater on Hejab st, Laleh Park.


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