Kanoaon Theater Saturdays with “Ding, Ding, Dang"

“Ding, Ding, Dang”, a play designed and directed by Fatemeh Khodabandehlou is performed every Saturday at Kanoon Puppet and Production Theater Center.

According to Kanoon General for Public Relations and International Affairs, Theater Halls are usually closed on Saturdays but Kanoon intends to have special plays for children on that day from now on.  

 “Ding, Ding, Dang” written by Hamed Zahmatkesh is going to be staged since Dec 14, 2019 at 6 pm. It will be performed every week the same day and the same time.

Sima Rahmani, Maral Izadbakhsh, and Fatemeh Khodabandehlou are performing in this play.

The music of the play is adapted from “Twinkle, Twinkle” by Mozart. Nini, next to his mom, is playing dangerous game in the kitchen with dangerous kitchen utensils. Instead of shouting, fighting or saying no, mom is offering Nini to play with some kitchenware. First, Nini hardly accepts but he consents later. Nini’s flow of play which has various sounds, attracts Nini’s attention. As a result, Nini goes from the sound of washing machine to dishwasher, to the voice of spoon on the bowl; the sound of the fridge door…from the beginning to the end Nini discovers simple music. At the end, he finds a complete musical sentence in a way that the audience present in the hall who have accompanied Nini since the beginning of the play, sing with him.

Hooman Rahnemoun is the artistic consultant, Tesa Shamlou is in charge of Children Theater, Hamed Zahmatkesh is stage designer, Mohammad Reza Shamloufard is light designer and Soroush Farhangian is production manager.

Hanieh Zahmatkesh and Elahe Mirzaie (Baran’s Laughter) are costume designers. Yousef Davoudi is the poster designer and Negar Attar is the brochure and tract designer.

Negar Attar is the director assistant in this play. Akhtar Tajik is the photographer and Saeedeh Gharadaghli and Abbas Shahcheraghi are the stage manager in this play.

Erfan Meidanlou has made the teaser. Media consultant is Ali Yazdandoust; the drama group is in charge of public relations; Soheila Aghayari is in charge of reserving theater hall; and publishing the poster and the brochure is on Siamak Tarighat (Aftab Publications).

“Ding, Ding, Dang” is performed every Saturday at 4 pm in Kanoon Center for Theater Production and Puppet Theater in Laleh Park.

To make reservations you can call at 09194346356.


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