Showan, Kanoon New Entertainment is Produced

Showan is another entertainment from Second National Event Designs “Free Toy Idea” produced by Kanoon reached mass production.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Showan belongs to abstract and strategic game category. In this game, decision-making is based on previous ones and the opponent shows off more than any other strategy. While, visual and spatial intelligence skills, modeling and reading games are other skills challenged by this entertainment.

Showan in Kordish means “shepherd”.

Farahnaz Varnan has designed this entertainment. It is introduced in the Second National Event for Toys Free Ideas and manufactured with Kanoon cooperation, private sector and contribution of International Organization of Iranian Academics. .

In the box, there is a game board with 25 tiles, 10 pawns (sheep) in black and white, a bag to keep the pawns and an instruction paper. Two groups of four players use the pawns to find the best way to collect their pawns on one side of the board.

In this game, the child or the adolescent playing as the shepherd must collect sheep sooner than the opponent. In every turn, he can move one pawn in one tile into any tile around, even jump over. This entertainment is for children above seven, manufactured with a price of 80,000 Tomans and in 10,000 numbers.

Kanoon General Directorate for Productive Hobbies and Digital Games has manufactured this entertainment with the goal of supporting toy investors and manufacturers jointly with the International Organization of Iranian Academics.


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