Kanoon Published a Three-Volume Collection of “Reference Books”

The three-volume of “Reference Books” is a suitable source for researchers in Humanities and Education, students and critics of children's literature. Kanoon has recently published this collection.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this collection includes the following titles: “Children's Comparative Literature” by Emer O’ Sullivan translated by Maryam Jalali and Mahboubeh Farhangi, “Aesthetic Approaches to Children's Literature: An Introduction” by Maria Nikolajeva translated by Mehdi Hajvani and Fatemeh Zamani and “Centuries of Childhood: A Social History of Family Life” by Philippe Aries translated by Zeinab Sadat Ghani. This collection aims at bringing up dialogs among researches, critique, and those in the field of children literature in Iran and round the world.

Morteza Khosronejad and Farideh Pourgive have stated in the preface of the collection that the need to have access to authoritative sources is rising since there is an increasing tendency for the university students to write their dissertations in the realm of children literature.

In part of the preface we read: “To have an even walk through the path of children literature and stepping into academic process seems impossible without having access to reliable references. For Children literature needs suitable methodology and strong insight to have a voice.”

Those interested can purchase books on themes such as “Essential Areas of Children Comparative Literature” or “Do we Need Independent Aesthetics in Literature?” or “Two Concepts from Childhood”…at Kanoon bookstores.

 “Comparative Children Literature” and “Aesthetic Approaches to Children's Literature: An Introduction” can be purchased for 55,000 Tomans and “Centuries of Childhood: A Social History of Family Life” for 80,000 Tomans.

Kanoon had previously published “Philosophy and the Young Child” written by Gareth B. Matthews translated by Saeed and Maryam Hesampour.


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