Call for the 12th Tehran International Animation Festival

Regulations to participate in 12th Tehran International Animation Festival were announced.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this round of the festival, like previous ones, will be held in four sections: “Competition”, “Out of Competition”, “Special Screening” and “Panorama” from Feb 28th to March 4th 2021 in Tehran.

Iranian and foreign filmmakers can register through festival site from June 29th to October 31st 2020,

According to the call for the 12th biennial animation festival, the format for films must be: Quick time (mov. file), MPEG4 (H264), Blu-ray, DVD(pal). Films will be selected from December 6th to 20th 2020.

In “Competition” section of the festival, the following formats are accepted: (H264 or prores Resolution1080*1920), Quick time (mov file). They must be a selection of maximum of three episodes of series, as well as promotional works, including educational, industrial and promotional films.

However, the selection of the works in the competition section is the responsibility of a council for which members are selected by festival headquarters. Producers and filmmakers cannot be members of jury. A representative from festival is allowed to attend jury meetings without having the right to vote.

According to the call, the jury for the competition section, will judge the works produced after 2015 and for the international competition section the films produced after January 2017.

The jury for Iran and international competition section will donate awards such as golden, silver and bronze prizes to the first to third film. Other awards are as follows: golden, silver, bronze statues, Jury Special Award, Special Prize of the Festival Secretary to the best film for children and adolescents, director, screenplay, animator, student dissertation, TV work, commercial work, experimental film, technical and artistic achievement, space creation, music, sound, feature work.

According to the news, works out of competition section are equal to the works participating in the competition. Yet, for reasons such as being non-compliance with the rules of participation in the competition section, or the membership of one of the creators in the jury and the completion of the capacity of competition section, they are not displayed in competition section.

 “Special Screening” section in a non-competitive way and to provide a dynamic arena for the artists to exchange experience and ideas, to prepare suitable conditions to evaluate the stance of Iranian works compared with the works of other countries, displays a collection of selected works from other international festivals, and reviewing a school or special style in this section.

Accordingly, screening in “Panorama” section takes place with emphasis on educational and informational aspects of works, in a non-completive way and with the selection from various countries in which themes such as introducing novice talents, describing the position of animation in advertising and reviewing works of a filmmaker.

Festival secretariat emphasizes on registering through It has announced that the festival will only accept films with tracking code.

Call for the 12th Tehran International Animation Festival


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