Kanoon Takes Cinema and Theater with Seven Trucks to Villages

Five new theaters have joined Kanoon mobile trucks fleet. This way the number of mobile stages in Iran increases to seven.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, 46 years ago, in 1984, Kanoon first mobile truck set out to roads of Iran. With the presence of young artists of those days who are well-known theater and cinema artists now, those mobile theaters presented children and adolescents in villages with happiness through art and theater.

This old truck was retired after 44 years, in 2018 and joined the museum of Kanoon memories. It gave way to two new trucks; one of them is named mobile theater and the other working as the messenger of hope.

Mobile theater, keeping up with other technological advances, is not only a stage to perform children and Adolescents Theater; by taking advantage from new technology in sound and image, it also has provided facilities for showing films.

The second truck as “The Messenger of Hope” has attended the deprived cities and villages and areas in crisis such as flood and earthquake have always been at children sides. Kanoon coaches have always provided children in such areas with Kanoon activities.

With the support and participation of Interior Ministry, Kanoon is provided with five new mobile theaters. They are getting equipped to cover most areas of Iran with Kanoon cultural and artistic services for more children and adolescents to watch Kanoon plays and films happily.

Five new theaters will be equipped in two month. They are supposed to fill the empty place of the old truck that has been the sweet memory in the minds of children and adolescents.

On one hand, the increasing number of mobile trucks gives more chance to more children in various parts of Iran to watch films and theater, on the other, it adds to the number of theatrical groups active in children and adolescents theater. It entails Kanoon support for these groups.

By launching this new facility, Kanoon hopes these trucks travel to Iran cities and villages  and after Corona, Kanoon mobile theaters promises happy days and full of health and hope among Iranians.


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