Details of Kanoon Gratitude Award Ceremony Announced

“Gratitude Badge” is a new award that Kanoon dedicates to the most well-known, outstanding and pioneer figures in children and adolescents domain inside and outside Iran.

The general director of Kanoon directorate for public relations and international affairs said that a secretariat for awarding the “Gratitude Badge” is supposed to be established. He said after preliminary reviews in the council of experts, this award is given to famous figures in the field of poetry, story, novel, translation, children book, theory and criticism, illustration, painting and visual arts, cinema, animation, theater, and puppet theater, and music inside and outside Iran.

Hamed Rahnama explained that well-known figures in areas such as entertainment and toys, science and research, founders of Kanoon successful festivals and events, prominent figures,  founders of  Kanoon education, activists in the area of farming and constructing roads and schools, charities, cultural and artistic activists or those who have created cultural and artistic centers or those who have played a prominent role in the last 55 years are on the list to receive this badge.

Also, famous scientific figures and managers and statesmen who were once Kanoon members are included in the review of specialized councils to be awarded.

According to Rahnama names of those who have the characteristics of receiving the Gratitude Badge  from Kanoon specialized units are proposed to the committees and councils of the secretariat of this award and after reviewing and approving by these councils  are introduced to the council of deputies and finally the board of directors complete the awarding process.

Rahnama mentioned that there is no limit in announcing names of these figures all through the year. They can be the living authors and artists or passed away ones, or acitivists in the field of Islamic revolution dialog in children field inside or outside Iran who have shined in Kanoon field of activities or children and adolescents’ literature.

He added that this award can be given to institutions or Non-governmental organizations that are selected according to special occasions and cultural requirements.

Public Relations and International Affairs general director said Kanoon is supposed to hold such celebrations for special occasions related to children and adolescents’ domain such as National Children Week or other occasions during the year to admire such figures by awarding them Gratitude Badge or by cash prize.

Recording of title and profile of some of these outstanding figures on the entrance of libraries or science and cultural centers is another plan Kanoon is going to do to appreciate such figures in the children and adolescents literature and art.

At the end, he explained that the statue of the head of the selected authors and poets would be set in Kanoon Spiritual Heritage Section.

Kanoon is an organization with 55 years of experience that has played an irreplaceable and significant role in laying many foundations of literature and art for children and adolescents in Iran and its growth and promotion as well as educating prominent Iranian artists, writers and poets.

It is a fact the role of prominent and enduring figures in the field of children art and literature and the key role they play in the promotion of Kanoon name and title, rearing and growing of talent of many outstanding figures in this land cannot be denied.

Kanoon appreciates well known figures in children and adolescents field in Iran and other countries by awarding them the Gratitude Badge.


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