Kanoon Silver Little Birds were Presented to the Best Books of Spring

First Children and Adolescents Month-Year Book Award Secretariat introduced three selected books for spring 2020. In a special ceremony, the authors received Kanoon Silver Little Bird.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, in this ceremony held at Center for Cultural/ Artistic Creation on August 17, 2020. Three selected books out of 14 books for the final stage, 998 works having the conditions all together 1370 books were sent to the award secretariat.

Hossein Fattahi, Abbas Jahangirian, Atosa Salehi, Mahmoud Pourvahab, Esmaeel Azari Nejad are the five judges for this event. At the end, “The Secret of Nightingale Wood” written by Lucy Strange translated by Neda Monaem published by Houpa Publications received 4 votes to get Farvardin award.

“Nokhodi, Don’t Go the Pot” versed by Afsaneh Shaban Nejad, illustrated by Zohreh Parirokh, published by Lopeto Publications is selected by the jury, five votes, for Ordibehesht award.

 “Paint a Human Being” written by Fariba Kalhor and illustrated by Mitra Abdollahi published by Kanoon received 5 votes and obtained Khordad award.

In this ceremony, two publishers of Farvardin and Ordibehesht were felicitated. In case the book is selected, the author will receive the award.

According to the award secretariat located at Kanoon cultural assistance, 550 titles in Farvardin, 418 titles in Ordibehesht and 402 titles in Khordad by 79 publishers in children and adolescents domain has arrived at the secretariat until the end of spring, 1991. 998 titles including stories, poetry, and plays were first reviewed by 127 experts and then by 27 experts.  

In the last stage, 12 experts reviewed the selected books and 14 works were selected in three age category: toddlers, children and adolescents. 6 written works, 2 translations, 3 plays and 3 poetries were nominated to receive the book award of spring. This list was delivered to 5 judges or jury.

The award secretariat has announced that out of 150 works including poetry, story, and play will be published with the title of the Silver List of Spring along with 28 titles of scientific, religious, historical, music, and life skills.

In the final statement read by Abbas Jahangirian, the jury appreciated Kanoon efforts to promote children literature under the present awful condition of ignoring it; that Kanoon has borne the brunt of the responsible institutions and by holding the festival to promote children literature.

Members of jury believes that including short plays and stories in the judging cycle of the award is a new and creative step in this regard. They hope that authors and publishers view the production of such works more seriously.

At the end, the jury appreciates the authors’, translators’, poets’, and playwrights’ efforts.  They said that they hope to have the festival with better quality. 

Month-Year Children and Adolescents Book Award will continue every season and a selection of the reviewed works will be set on the list of Kanoon books to be purchased in the form of a project called Tamim .(providing one-piece content for Kanoon centers


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