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How to Make Pottery Dolls with Simple Materials?

“Mr. Pottery” written by Farzaneh Babaie, Kanoon New Book, Teaches Teens to Make Clay Dolls with Simple Materials.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, through “Mr. Pottery” +12 “Grade-schooler" learn to put small clay dishes, colorful beads, thread, color and glue…make unique clay dolls.

The photographer for this book is Behnam Zohari Samian.

According to the news, “A Doll with Clay Wishes”, “Extraterrestrial”, “Kaghaz”, “Maghas”, “Pottery Poet”. “Pottery Hero”, “A Pottery with Pink Emotions”, “Pottery Fairy”, “Pottery Captain”, “Chipped”, “Mutata”, “Pottery Sisters”, are the names of the clay dolls in this book.

Farzaneh Babaie in the preface of her book has written, “For long, I was thinking of tiny potteries. Sometimes, I changed them into other shapes with the help of colors and various objects but I was not satisfied. One day, I saw many tiny pottery dishes in my friend’s office. Since then, I started. After a while, there was standing a cute clay doll in front of us. We called it “Mr. Pottery”.

She continues, “The presence of “Mr. Pottery” made me so happy that I decided to make more characters. Every doll I made, I had more ideas. I got more skillful in making dolls with wider insight. I felt that my world has got bigger and I can make my world the way I wish. I want to share this world with children and adolescents.”

Those who are interested can buy this 36-page book for 13,000 Tomans from the stores of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults all over the country and the stores of cultural products.

It should be noted that the book "Mr. Pottery" has been published three times at the same time with a Quarto cut and its number has been 7,500 copies.


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