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Publish Date: 14 September 2020 - 10:18
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 Public screening  Kanoon Animations in France Cinemas

Three Kanoon animations were screened in France in the form of a feature film titled “Fascinating Crow and Sparrow”.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the collection called “Fascinating Crow and Sparrow” is screened for the second time with digital format by film distributors in France.

This collection includes three short animations produced by Kanoon with the following titles: “A Raven who Wanted to be the Most Powerful” directed by Mohammad Ali Soleimanzadeh produced in 1998; “Once a Crow…” directed by Abdollah Alimorad produced in 2005; “The Sparrow and the Boll” directed by Morteza Ahadi in 2006.

According to the news, Whippet Company screened the collection of “Fascinating Crow and Sparrow” for the first time in 2007 with 35 mm format and in forty-five minute collection for children over 3 and their families.

Being welcomed by public and supported by Benshi and AFCAE cinematic institutions, the collection was scheduled to be screened on March 25, 2020 but postponed to due to the outbreak of Corona virus and closure of movie theaters in France. 

The three short films have been screened separately in national and international festivals so far and have won prizes.

“A Raven who Wanted to Be the Most Powerful” won the Silver Elephant of Hyderabad International Children’s Film Festival (Golden Elephant), India; “Once a Crow…” won the Silver Elephant of Hyderabad International Children’s Film Festival and the special award of the jury of Cine Para Nino Film Festival, Mexico; “The Sparrow and the Boll” won the special award from Wissembourg Film Festival, France.

It should be reminded that since 2001, 48 Kanoon short animations have been screened in France in the form of various collections. Some of them have been dubbed in French.
Public screening of “Fascinating Crow and Sparrow” with digital format has started in France since September 9th 2020.


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