Nine Awards and Eleven Honorary Diplomas is the Achievement of Iranian Children at Asian Painting Event

The first 3 prizes, the second 4 prizes, the third 2 prizes, and 11 honorary diplomas are shares of Kanoon Members in the 6th Asian Children Art Exhibition in 2020.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, out of 439 paintings from 7 countries sent to the festival office, “Parnian Khosroabadi”, 12, Kanoon Esfarayen in North Khorasan, “Roshana Gholamzadeh”,7, from Kanoon Behbahan in Khouzestan Province and “Mahya Vojdani”, 11, Kanoon Khoy in West Azerbaijan Province, could win the first prize of the contest.

“Asal Naim”, 7, from Kanoon Ahvaz in Khouzestan Province, “Zahra Asgari” 12, from Kanoon Meshkin Shahr, Ardebil, “Samin Hosseinpour”, 12, from Kanoon Makou in West Azerbaijan and “Kiarash Samimitabar” 9, Kanoon No. 3 in Kermanshah could win the second prize of the 6th Asian  Children Art Exhibition 2020.

“Farbod Jafari”, 10, from Kermanshah, “Vania Shamsi” ,9, from Rafsanjan, Kerman, too, won the third prize of the event.

Based on the news, “Yasna Emadi” and “Mehraveh Najafi” both 7 from Kanoon Shirin Sou in Hamedan Province; “Anita Mirolad” 10, from Center 21, Tehran; “Aidin Bodagh” 7, from Khoramabad, Lorestan; “Yeghaneh Ghaem Maghami”, 13, “Yekta Ghaem Maghami”, 11, both from Semirom, Esfahan; “Amir Hossein Hassan Lou”, 7, from Center No. 1, Zanjan; “Sarina Soheili”,10, from Kermanshah Center, “Fatemeh Teymourpor” 10, from Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province; “Mohammad Ghafari” , 9, from Namin Center; “Mehdi Noei”, 10, from Razi Center both in Ardebil could obtain honorary diploma.

Kanoon participated in the 6th Asian Children Art Exhibition with 20 paintings. All of these works received awards or honorary diplomas.

Kanoon Public Relations and International Affairs made and edited a short film depicting selected members’ talks with their paintings that was displayed in the final ceremony of the Asian Painting Contest.

It should be reminded that International Asian Children Art Exhibition was held in Benxi in China.


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