Online Enrollment for Autumn Term at Iran Language Institute Started Since 22 Sept 2020 (1st of Mehr 1399)

Online enrollment for Autumn term at Iran Language Institute initiated while Kanoon has provided the interested with online language learning nationwide.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, present language learners of this teaching institute can register online after they pay the fee since Sept 22nd to 28th , 2020 (1st Mehr to 7th , 1399). They can enroll via:

According to the news, registration in person and receiving books can be done at Iran Language Institute since Sept 28   to Oct 1, 2020. New language learners can register at Iran Language Institute wherever there is a branch all over Iran following social distancing and hygiene.  

Meanwhile, holding online classes has given the chance to those who are interested in learning languages by having access to the teachings of this institute with outstanding record where Kanoon has no branch.

Based on this, the online classes and in-person classes start since Oct 3rd for even classes and for odd classes since Oct 4th, 2020.

Monday classes, Thursday classes, and special classes for Monday start since Oct 5. Special classes for Thursday start since Oct 15.

According to Autumn term calendar, classes for this term will be held as usual, two days a week: Saturday-Wednesday; Sunday-Tuesday;  Monday-Thursday.

The class will last 90 minutes in all three groups of children, adolescents, youth and adults.

It should be mentioned that all Kanoon in-person classes are held following social distancing.


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