Editing of Kanoon First Cinematic Animation Came to a Halt

Editing of “Clever Kid”, Kanoon and HonarPooya Group Production is Completed.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, along with the latest processes related to the production of the cinematic animation "Clever Kid", the editing of the film has recently completed.

Hassan Ayoubi who has worked with HonarPooya Group in “Princess of Rome”, “The Elephant King”, now has completed the editing of cinematic animation “Clever Kid”.

In this regard, Ayoubi announced that “Clever Kid” was a heavy and enormous project for which the process of initial editing started on story reel and with the final editing and with fine cut on early movie renderings was completed.

He said, “The editing of the film was a unique experience for me due to the number of plans and other details.”

In the summary of the story we read: “Mohsen is a kid who loves super heroes in films. He always tries to help everybody with his super hero tools. In a rare occurrence, he comes across an animal, an extinct species in Iran. He decides to help the animal and to take it back to his hometown. But, a trip to the heart of the jungle, fighting with hunters and encountering extinct animals are the beginning of complicated adventures for Mohsen.”

 “Clever Kid” is Kanoon first cinematic animation by “HonarPooya Group” and with Hamed Jafari as the producer and Hadi Mohammadian as the director.

 “HonarPooya Group” has the experience of producing and releasing of successful films like “Princess of Rome” and “The Elephant King” as the best-selling animations in the history of Iran cinema in its repertoire. That is why those who are interested in cinema are waiting for “Clever Kid” to get completed and to be screened. It is the third work by HonarPooya Group.


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