National Children's Week is Held Online

The programs for National Children's Week starts on Oct 3rd with the motto of “Future Must be Built” with Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults as the initiator and will continue until Oct 8th 2020.

As Hamed Rahnama, Kanoon general director of Public Relations and International Affairs said, “This program carries the connotations of Ashoura and Emam Hossein funerals since it coincides with those ceremonies. On the other hand, due to Corona virus outbreak the program is going to be performed online.”

He stated that, “National Children's Week and October 7 as the International Children's Day has been considered in Iran for many years by activists in the field of children and adolescents with Kanoon as the initiator. This event is a chance to emphasize that knowing children and their wishes and likes are very much important. They are bright pictures of the future of the world. Ignoring children means ignoring the future of the country.

Rahnama pondered that the sanctity of mourning occasions, avoiding holding face-to-face programs, following hygiene protocols in performing and broadcasting TV programs, the cooperation of organizations, ministries, governmental and non-governmental institutions are the points that Kanoon and children activists focus on during children national week. 

Kanoon general director for Public Relations and International Affairs said that, “There is vast cooperation among Kanoon, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) especially Omid Network in holding this event in recording and broadcasting a TV program titled “Kanoon-Hope”. The program will be broadcast every day during children week.

Rahnama reminded that Kanoon sites and pages in social networks are active nowadays via #Kids_Arbaeen. These pages try to produce and upload interesting, attractive and needed contents for children. They try to share films and suitable links for children. They try to use the capacity of live broadcast on social networks to make the contents attractive and to educate children  under the present conditions. According to Rahnama broadcasting and sharing films or plays, theaters, feature films and animations for children, exhibiting children’s paintings with the theme of “Arbaeen” in Tehran and other cities in Iran are done with the cooperation of municipalities. Also, sharing these paintings on social networks is another program of Children National Week.

Kanoon general director of public relations and international affairs announced that, “Kanoon internet sales site soon is going to start its activities to sell Kanoon books and products with %25 discount for Children Week; as well as the opening and overhaul ceremony of new Kanoon cultural and scientific centers in various cities in the initial days of Children Week namely in Golestan, Kohgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, and Fars Provinces.”


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