Call for Entries of the Biennial Illustration, Bratislava, 2021

Publishers and Illustrators of Children and Adolescent books can deliver two titles of books and (ten illustrations) until Feb 18, 2021 for review and selection to Kanoon National Museum of Children Art and Literature.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this department has started collecting illustrations by Iranian publishers for review, selecting 15 top illustrators and introducing them to Biennial Illustration, 2021, Bratislava.

According to the news, the judgement will be done after the deadline in order to select top illustrators (belonging to one or two books) and send them to Bratislava Biennial Illustration to compete with illustrators from other countries. Based on the call, every illustrator can send one or two published books (maximum ten illustrations) to the competition.

 Those illustrators participating in the exhibition for the first time can send their works drawn during the last five years, or those illustrators who have previously participated in this competition can send their illustrations drawn after January 1st, 2019. The illustrators must be the national of the same country.

Based on this, the original works with two copies of the book must be sent by the publisher to the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults as the representative of this festival in Iran.

The awards of this round of festival include: the grand prize (3000 US Dollars), five Golden Apples (each worth 1500 US Dollars) and five BIB medals (each worth 1000 US Dollars). Based on the news, the winner of the first prize can independently participate in the next round of BIB, exhibit their works and in the following year set up a personal exhibition with the support of BIB.

Meanwhile, organizers of BIB have announced that they are not responsible for any damage occurring to the works due to the effect of light or low quality of paint, and paper.

All works submitted, except the selected ones, will be sent back to the illustrators or organizations participated in four months. While the selected works will be used in exhibitions outside BIB for a long time.

All submitted books will be the belonging of BIB Library.

All the illustrators participated in BIB will receive the catalogue of the exhibition.

It must be reminded that this exhibition is held with the cooperation of UNESCO. There will be some workshops for the illustrators from developing countries. Those who are willing to participate in workshops must pay their expenses themselves but during their stay, they will be the festival guest.

National Museum of Children Art and Literature is located at Center for Cultural/ Artistic Creation on Hejab St, Fatemi Ave.


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