Launching 15 Kanoon Centers and Cultural Facilities in National Children’s Week

Concurrently with National Children’s Week programs, 15 Kanoon Cultural, Art and Science Centers are Set into Action in Various Cities.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, aiming to produce TV, media and educational programs to be used in national media, social networks and Kanoon sites, Kanoon Studio, “Omid” (Hope), is going to be launched in Shahrak Ghods, Tehran.

Birjand Mobile Library 2 is going to start activity in Southern Khorasan. In Cultural Center No 2 in Tabas and Birjand, too, two digital planetarium for children and adolescents’ scientific activities are supposed to be launched.

In National Children’s Week, Science Center of Wonders, Astrology Center, and Specialized Center for Film and Animation are supposed to be opened in Golestan Province and Cultural and Art Center in Kordkouy is supposed to be utilized.

Based on the news, in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces, three mobile libraries are supposed to set out in Sepidar, Pataveh to give services to village children. The doors of Iran Language Institute are supposed to open to foreign language learners in Ghachsaran.

Meanwhile, opening Afarinesh Gallery at Kanoon General Directorate, Gilan and the start of fixed digital planetarium and photo gallery in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province are other programs planned for National Children’s Week.

Simultaneously, Kanoon is going to open equipped Conex of “Messenger of Hope” to provide cultural services for children and adolescents in deprived areas of Sadr Abad and Hassan Abad, two villages in Yazd Province.

It is reminded that National Children’s Week programs start on Oct 3 with the motto of “Future Must be Built.” and with Kanoon as the initiator. It continues online until Oct 8, 2020.


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