Kanoon Animations Received Three Awards from Isfahan Film Festival

Two Kanoon animations, “The 11th Step” and “Yes!”(With What?) received three awards from the international and national competition sections of 33rd Isfahan International Film Festival for Children & Youth.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Golden Butterfly and honorary diploma of short animation for the international section of the festival was given to “The 11th Step” by Maryam Kashkoulinia, Kanoon production in 2020.

“The 11th Step” received Golden Butterfly for the best short animation from the competition section of Iran Cinema of this round of the festival for director’s artistic rendition of the animation  theme: the gained connection with nature and friendship with animals as well as innovative and creative techniques. 

By receiving this award, the ten-minute and fifty-second animation has received its third international prize.

Based on this,“Yes!”(With What?) an animation by Mahin Javaherian, received jury’s special award of 33rd Isfahan International Film Festival for Children & Youth for special attention to the importance of children’s happiness and freshness and its role in their growth and rearing. “Yes!”(With What?) six-minute animation, is Kanoon production in 2020.

The closing ceremony of 33rd Isfahan International Film Festival for Children & Youth was held in Tehran Book Garden in the evening Oct 23, 2020.


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