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Two “Mo Willems” Books Published for the Third Time

Kanoon published “The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?” and “The Pigeon Needs a Bath!!?” written and illustrated by Mo Willems for the third time.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Parinaz Nayeri has translated both books with educational theme. “The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?” is for children above 7 (New Grade-schooler) and “The Pigeon Needs a Bath!!?” is for children above 4 (Pre-School). Hello! I wonder if your mind is with me; but the dove is very dirty. Can you help me? Because the dove must have a bath! This is part of the beginning of “The Pigeon Needs a Bath!!?”. “The Pigeon Needs a Bath!!?” was selected as the book of the year by “Good Readers” in 2014.

Based on the news, in “The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?” the dove is trying to find the reason why the kind duckling gets a cookie, a cookie with walnuts and hazelnuts.

Kanoon first published the two thirty six-page books in quarto size in 2016 and now both are published for the third time in 10,000 copies.  

“The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?” is 11, 000 Tomans and “The Pigeon Needs a Bath” is 14,000 Tomans. Both are sold at Kanoon bookstores. They can be purchased online through:

 Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults Publications has published the two books by following international publication rules (copyright) and the official permission of the author’s agent in USA.

Kanoon has previously published two books from this series, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!” and “Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”. 


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