Two Kanoon Books Published in Spanish

“Hey, Will You Be My Friend?” and “The Jewel Mountain” are the titles of two Kanoon books published in Spanish by “EL FARO”

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “Hey, Will You Be My Friend?” written by Mojgan Kalhor, illustrated by Neda Azimi, “The Jewel Mountain” based on a film with the same title made by Abdullah Alimorad in 1994 is published by this institute (EL FARO) in Spanish.

Based on the report, “Hey, Will You Be My Friend?” is the story of a little shoemaker who is willing to make friends with a spider who has recently come to the garden. In one part of the book we read: “The little shoemaker said, “No, Tartouri’s swing is much better.” And went to her nest and brought a pair of beautiful shoes and set out again.

Earlier, the book is translated to English and published. It was translated to French in 2007. The book is for children above 4.

“The Jewel Mountain” is for children above 10. It is the story of a poor kid who is working with difficulty in a charcoal shop. He is all the time thinking of getting a job at the jewelry shop in bazar that is a clean shop. Finally, it happens and he becomes the apprentice in that shop. Until, one day, the jeweler takes him on a strange trip.


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