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“The Little Key” is Translated in English

Kanoon Published “The Little Key” written by Ebrahim Ghadrdan in English

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this book belongs to the collection called “The Little Bird” designed and illustrated by Ali Khodaie and translated by Siamak Mazloomi.

“The Little Key” belongs to the collection of fictional stories that takes children into his world by imagination. 

In the Farsi version of the book we read: “The little key was always idle. Most of the time he was daydreaming. In his dreams, he saw himself as a beautiful butterfly flying for hours in meadows of flowers. He sits next to the fountain and makes friends with many insects…

Books from “Little Bird” series are about games and entertainments published for children. 

The book is published in 2013 for children above 4.

“The Little Key” is introduced as the nominee to receive three “Flying Turtle” in the pre-school section.  

“Flying Turtle” introduces the best books for children and adolescents in every season selected by critiques, authors and experts scoring 3 to 6 for every work. 

The Little key written by Ebrahim Ghadrdan


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