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“The Eleventh Step” is Translated into English

“The Eleventh Step” Written by Late Sussan Taghdiss Published into English by Kanoon.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, simple and beautiful sketches by Alireza Goldizian for “The Eleventh Step”expressing the story of a little lion very well decorates the book.

Based on this, Kanoon published the book in 2004, now translated to English by Faride Mahdavi Damghani. It is the story of a little lion born in a cage in a zoo. He always walks in the cage and hits the metal wall of the cage after ten steps.

One day, something interesting happened. The guard forgot to close the door of the cage and the little lion walked out. But, he was in the habit of walking only ten steps. If he would have taken the eleventh step, he could gain his freedom and see the whole world…

“The Eleventh Step” has also translated and published into Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

The story is published in primary school textbook for students to ponder about the message and theme of the story.

Based on this book, an animated film of the same title directed by Maryam Kashkolinia and produced by Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults was made in 2019.

It is reminded that “The Eleventh Step” is suitable for children above 7.

The Eleventh Step by Sussan Taghdiss


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