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“Where is My House?” Published in Turkish

”Where is My House?” belongs to “Kanoon Little Bird” collection published by a publication from Turkey.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mevsimler Kitap publication published the book in Turkish for children in Turkey to get familiar with Kanoon books. 

It is a few years that “Kanoon Little Bird” has taken steps in flourishing mind and the power of children’s thinking by publishing books and games. “Where is My House?” is one of the works.

The writer and illustrator of the book which was published in Persian in 2015, is Reza Dalvand. Children develop their pictorial knowledge by reading the book. In addition, they get familiar with colors and forms. It is a pictorial book with a short story. 
Summary of the book is: A boy who lives in a red house wakes up in the morning to find out that his house has disappeared. He starts looking for his house, but he mistakenly takes other things for his house. He finally finds out what has happened to his house.

The English version of the book translated by Fatemeh Goharian was previously published by Kanoon and exhibited for the first time in Frankfurt International Book Fair. 

It is reminded that the audience of this fiction book is children 4 years old and above.

Where is My House? Written by Reza Dalvand


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