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 “The Rose on the Rug” Published in English

“The Rose on the Rug” written by Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Beigi was published in English to make children of the world familiar with the art of carpeting and Turkman culture.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon Publications published “The Rose on the Rug” written by Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Beigi and illustrated by Mitra Abdollahi. It is translated by Siamak Mazloomi.

It is the story of a Turkman girl who weaves a rug with all her feelings and endeavor. Safoura, a Turkman girl, thinks that he father got depressed since the flower in the vase withered away. So, to make her dad happy, she decides to make a rug with red roses design though her mother disagrees. The only problem is the absence of a rose to be the pattern. Finally, her father brings Safoura a rose and the girl starts weaving. At the end, Safoura manages to weave a rug with a rose design with hardship and after days and nights. She gives it as a praying rug to her father.

The Farsi version of the book was first published in 2000 for children above 10.

It is reminded that “The Rose on the Rug” has been published by Cotton Tree Publications in Hong Kong. The book is published in Arabic, as well.

 “The Rose on the Rug” is not only about Iranian carpet but also it is about some domestic customs and cultures.

The dominant colors and textures of Turkman carpets are used to illustrate the illustrations of the book. Through the illustrations, the audience come to know about Turkman costumes, Eastern figures and plant texture of the region.


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