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Publish Date: 6 February 2021 - 10:46
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Four Kanoon Plays Made Way to International Puppet Festival, Tehran-Mobarak

Four Kanoon plays produced by Kanoon Theater and Puppet Theater Production Center made way to the scene section (Review) of 18th International Puppet Festival, Tehran-Mobarak.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, puppet show called “My Imaginary World” written and directed by Behnaz Mehdikhah, “Black Zebra” written by Berble Maya and directed by Sharareh Tayar, “A Little Gift, One Day and Two Seasons” written and directed by Ramin Kohan, and “The Yard of Our House” written and directed by Vahid Khosravi are the titles of the four works selected by Review  section of the of 18th International Puppet Festival, Tehran-Mobarak.

“My Imaginary World” could win the award of the best actor from  26th International Children & Youth Theater Festival-Hamedan. It was introduced as the favorite show of children section at ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. It was a nominee for directing, acting and stage designing sections at the same festival.

This play is about an actor’s life who describes his world. He says a happening during his childhood caused his black and white life change into a colorful one like a rainbow until….

“A Little Gift, One Day and Two Seasons”, a puppet theater written by Noushin Seifi and Ramin Kohan, are two plays for children previously introduced at International Children & Youth Theater Festival-Hamedan. It could win the awards of the best writing, directing, and music.  

“One Day and Two Seasons” is the story of meeting between Nanny Cold and Uncle Norouz. “The Little Gift” is adapted from a story that implies this message: a gift must not be a material thing.   

“Black Zebra” directed by Sharareh Tayar, too, was listed as one of the best plays by Hamedan Festival and Iran ASSTEJ. It was selected for the best directing in children section.  

It is adapted from an African legend. It is the story of a zebra that early in the morning,comes to know that all his white lines have disappeared. He thinks that he is not a zebra anymore and must leave the pond. But, the wise owl has a suggestion for him…

“The Yard of Our House” directed by Vahid Khosravi for is based on a story carrying the same title written by Zohreh Parirokh. It was previously introduced as the selected play by “Theater Forum”. It could win the award of acting, and the award of child play. It is the story of an old cherry tree that one morning, suddenly decides not to have red cherries…it starts a trip round the yard… 

It is reminded that these plays are staged at the 18th International Puppet Festival, Tehran-Mobarak this coming March.


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