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Publish Date: 16 February 2021 - 10:17
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Obtaining Two Badges and Four Honorary Diplomas

Iranian children could win two Rose of Lidice and four Honorary Diplomas from International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Art, Lidice, 2020, Czech Republic.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Children’s Exhibition of Fine Art Lidice, 2020, Czech Republic was held with the theme of “Landscape” in two sections of painting and photography.

Out of 22 thousand and 216 works from 78 countries, six members from various Kanoon centers were selected.

Mahta Abed, 13, from Kanoon center No. 16, Tehran could win Rose of Lidice from photography section
Honorary Diploma for painting by “Melisa Razavi”, 9, from Kanoon center 21, Tehran
Honorary Diploma for photography by Azam Azimi, 16, from Nehbandan, South Khorasan

Based on the news, “Ratin Eteghad”, 8, from Behbahan center in Khuzestan Province; “Mahta Abed”, 13, from Kanoon No. 16, Tehran received the Rose of Lidice in the painting and photography sections, respectively.

Based on this, “Ali Ashrafi Mottaghi”, 11, Shirinsou center, Hamedan; “Melisa Razavi”,9, from Kanoon center No. 21, Tehran, won the honorary diploma from painting section; “Azam Azimi”, 16, from Nehbandan, South Khorasan, and “Shadi Esmaeilnia” , 16, from Tehran, won the honorary diploma from photography section.

Honorary Diploma for painting by “Ali Ashrafi Mottaghi”, 11, Kanoon center in Shirinsou, Hamedan

It is reminded that Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults participated at the 48th International Exhibition of Fine Art by sending 191 paintings and 150 photographs to the exhibition. 

The Czech ambassador is supposed to present the prizes to the winners in a ceremony.

Honorary Diploma in photography for “Shadi Esmaeilnia”, 16, from Kanoon No. 43, Tehran


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