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“Look at this Way” Published in Turkey

“Look at this Way” written and illustrated by Ali Khodaee is published in Turkey by Nar Publications.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Kanoon published “Look at this Way” in 2017 in Farsi.

The book, published in English in 2018 in English, is the story of appearing a strange painting in jungle. Animals try to find their image in that strange painting. Children will accompany animals in that jungle through reading the story and try to find the image of animals in that painting.

Based on this, as a result of negotiations between Kanoon and Nar Publication done during the 32nd International Book Fair in 2019 the contract to assign the copyright of the book was signed in September 2020. It is recently published in Turkey.

Nar Publication bought the copyright of six Kanoon books written in Farsi by Claire Jobert, the French author. Turkish children welcomed the books.

Nar Publication is a well-known children and adolescent publisher in Turkey. It was founded in 2006 in Istanbul with the goal of publishing stories, novels, plays, poetry, biographies, memories and the like for children and adolescents. The Association of Literary, Artistic and Cultural Research in Turkey selected this publication as the best in the area of children literature. Most of the authors and illustrators who work for Nar Publication are the ones who have won national and international awards.

This publisher has recently published many precious books in Istanbul Turkish. Nar Publication has introduced books by Turkish authors. It has prepared the premise for many Turkish books to be published in other languages. 
It is reminded that Nar Publication has published 500 children books so far.


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