Displaying “Auntie Marjan and the Rooster”, a Movie-Theater by Maryam Kazemi

“Auntie Marjan and the Rooster”, a movie-theater written and directed by Maryam Kazemi is displayed via internet in the third step of Kanoon “Showing Shows” for children and adolescents.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this theater was produced in 2011 at Kanoon Center for Puppetry Theater Production which is displayed on March 31st 2021 at Kanoon site: th.kpf.ir

“Auntie Marjan and the Rooster”, directed by Mehdi Ganji (TV Director) is the story of two sisters called Marjan and Reyhan who live in two neighboring farms. But, one of them is not willing to work and is the source of some problems in the farm… 

This joyful and musical play has employed the technique of gloves and strings. It is based on an old story called “Kukooli Kookoo” in previous Farsi literature books taught at schools.

Actors and puppeteers in this play are late Hossein Moheb Ahari, Maryam Kazemi, Marjan Ahmadi, Somayeh Naderi, Ana Namakchian, Hossein Mazinani, Zahra Moridi, and Erfan Miranlou. 

Reza Mehdizadeh is the costume and stage designer, Farid Navaie is the composer, Soheila Bajlan is the puppet designer. 

It is reminded that “Auntie Marjan and the Rooster” has been previously performed at Kanoon Theater Center at Laleh Park in Tehran which was welcomed. The CD of the play is produced by Kanoon Theater Center. 


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