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 “The Hero of Champions” in Korea

. “The Hero of Champions” is Published by Korean Publication in Korean

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, “The Hero of Champions” written by Nader Ebrahimi and illustrated by Ali Akbar Sadeghi is published in Korean by Daekyo Co., Ltd, Korea.

Following a plan called “Legends of Nations”, the publisher has bought the copy right of “The Hero of Champions”. Up to present, the copy right of the book has been sold to Korean publishers for three times.  The copy right of the book was sold for the first time to Omungak Publication in 1983. Then, in 2010, the copy right of the book is assigned to Daum Foundation to produce animation.

Kanoon published “The Hero of Champions” in 1970, for the second time in 1973 and for the third time in 2016.

Several times, the story of the book has been narrated in international storytelling festivals. It has been published in Braille for the visually impaired children as well.

The book not only has been a success in domestic markets but also it has won prizes such the first prize of Noma Concours for Book Illustrations in 1987, Japan.

Kanoon published “The Hero of Champions” in English and presented it at 31st Tehran International Book Fair. 

In this book we read: The story of Pouria-ye Vali, a celebrated kind wrestling champion. He has to wrestle with a young champion from India, the old mother of the Indian wrestler has been praying for his son’s victory while Pouria was in the mosque. The effect of the old woman’s payer on Pouria, his prestige, his old age is all what make up the result.

It is reminded that the book is for children above 12.

The Hero of Champions Written by Nader Ebrahimi


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