Cell Phone Games for “Clever Kid” Releases when Animation Screened

Cell phone games called “Clever Kid” for Kanoon feature animation is released concurrently with the screening.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the contract to develop “Clever Kid” is signed simultaneously with the last steps of preparing the animation.

Based on this, following the plans to produce side products for Kanoon first feature animation, developing professional games based on the story and the characters of the feature animation “Clever Kid” began towards the end of 2021 and two games with two various styles will be designed and developed. The two games are called, “Endless Runner Games” and “Role Playing Games”.

These games are the outcome of the cooperation among Kanoon, “Honar Pooya Group” and “Ano Media Art” Studio suitable for children and adolescents are supplied for Android and IOS in Farsi.  
In any country the “Clever Kid” is screened, the games are released and translated into the language of that country.  There is a special plan for the international presentation of the games independently.

Based on the news, Clever Kid’s genre is infinite runner type that has changed into bestseller recently in Iran and in the world, popular for professional gamers.

Meanwhile, the second Clever Kid will be RPG type. The user can direct the hero of the game throughout the story.

Performing the style of game-play and controlling the character of the game through the third person and 3D designing and image making based on the story of the Clever Kid, playing the role of the hero of the film to fight the enemies, promoting abilities and characters are the important characteristics of Role-Playing Games.

Honar Pooya Group has had the experience of making and presenting the animations of “Princess of Rome” and “The Elephant King” as bestseller animations in the history of Iran Cinema.

“Ano Art Media Studio” has entered into the world of designing and developing computer games and could have many achievements in the field of games in Iran and in the world for ten years.

Games like “Our Hero”, “Bally”, “Auntie Ghezi Searching for Kids”, “Happy Land”, “Special Squad”, “The Lost Ninja”, “The Egg Thieves”, “Arma Hiro”, etc. are the games designed and performed by “Ano Media Art”. It is reminded that Hamed Jafari is the producer for “Clever Kid”.


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