Deadline for Participating in the Kanoon Fourth National Ideaazad Toy Event was Extended

Deadline for Participating in the Kanoon Fourth National Ideaazad Toy Event was extended due to increasing demand of participants and interested parties in designing toys until April 27th 2021.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, after the call by the Fourth National Event secretariat, 22 provinces of the country have registered and uploaded their toy ideas in the event site.

It is a few years that Ideaazad National Event is held by the General Directorate of Constructive Entertainment and Computer Games with the goal of identifying and cultivating Iranian talents in the domain of toy designing and educating by specialists for the selected and producing a bank of information about the young and the interested in designing toys.

At present one the problems in toy industry is using designs from other countries while the manufactures and investors do not follow copyright.
Kanoon National Ideaazad Event has provided Iranian toy manufacturers to manufacture the selected designs.

Registration and the process of accelerating ideas is free of charge for idea makers by Kanoon. The fourth round of the event is held with the approach of cognitive toys and the support of the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Council.

The Fourth National Ideaazad Event has a special outlook towards the 4th National Ideaazad Event will pay special attention to national and indigenous dolls and will hold special workshops in the dedicated section with the participation of local and foreign experts.

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Text of the call for the fourth event of the “Ideaazad”


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