The selected ideators of the fourth IdeaAzad toy event of Kanoon has been announced

154 ideas and concepts selected for the first stage of the fourth IdeaAzad National Toy Event of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), were introduced.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, the ideas received by the Secretariat of the IdeaAzad National Toy Event were reviewed and initially evaluatedin three categories: "Doll", "Toy" and "Board Game"; Out of more than 240 ideas registered on the event website, 154 ideas were selected.

According to the secretary of the 4th National IdeaAzad Event, the presence of ideators has increased this year compared to last year, and this shows ideators support for this event. Also this year, for the first time, several ideators from India registered their ideas and concepts in the idea collection system.

Aidin Mahdi-Zadeh Tehrani expressed his satisfaction with the remarkable quality of the ideas received by the Secretariat compared to previous periods and said: "The evaluating process of these ideas took a week and now the selected ideas are introduced."

He added: "Among the important criteria for selecting the ideas of this course are toys (non-digital games), novelty and originality of ideas, as well as the completeness of the information in the registered forms.”

Mahdi-Zadeh also pointed out: the creativity of ideas, having a cultural attachment, connection with the fields of cognitive sciences, the possibility of attracting industrial and financial sponsors are other influential points in choosing ideas.

The secretary of the IdeaAzad National Toy Event said: "The selected ideators will be invited to six specialized workshops at this stage, and after passing these training courses, their ideas will be reviewed and will be evaluated again."

Mahdi-Zadeh, stated that specialized workshops will begin soon and will be held for six weeks: " The Basics of toy design, Ideadevelopment methods, Examples of cultural contradictions in toys and games, Toy industry standards, Cognitive games and Intellectual property rights are the topics of these workshops."

The secretary of the 4th National IdeaAzad Event also mentioned the presence of ideators from India and added: "Several ideators and designers from India have also sent their concepts to the event secretariat, from which five ideas have been selected." It is hoped that more ideators and designers from different countries will participate in this event in these coming years, accompanied by the ideators and the increasing quality of the ideas registered in this period of the IdeaAzad event.

It should be noted that the names of the selected people have been announced on the Kanoon News Centre website at , the IdeaAzad Toy Event site at and on the dedicated page of the National IdeaAzad event on Instagram at @ideaazad

The names of the idea creators selected for the 4th IdeaAzad National Toy Event


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