Kanoon Members Shined in Children International Painting Festival of Kerman (CIPFK)

Kanoon Members from various Kanoon centers received six gold medals, four silver medals and seven bronze medals from 1st Children International Painting Festival of Kerman (CIPFK).

According to Kanoon AramGeneral Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, "Maysa Vafa" member of Kanoon center No 32, Tehran Province, “Ilia Shahi” member of Kanoon center No 2, Pars Abad, “Elena Omidgallo” from Kanoon center No 1, Ardabil Province, “Fatemeh Khashei” from Kanoon Center in Zarrinshahr, Isfahan Province ; “Parmis Khajavi” from Behbahan Center in Khuzestan Province; “Aram Teymouri” from Kanoon center in Larestan, Fars Province could won the gold medal of this round of the art contest.

Based on this,  “Asal Shah Hosseini” from Kanoon center in Tafresh, Markazi Province “Hadiseh Haj Hashemi” member of Kanoon in Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan Province; “Yeganeh Ghadaki” member of Kanoon in Mehriz, Yazd Province and “Paria Nabizadeh” member of Kanoon, center No 1, Mahabad in West Azerbaijan Province won the silver medal from 1st Children International Painting Festival of Kerman (CIPFK).

Based on this, "Anita Rafat" member of the workshops of the Center for Cultural and Artistic Creations, Tehran Province, “Zahra Panahi” from Kanoon center No 2 in Pars Abad, Ardabil Province, “Maedeh Sadat Beydaki” and “Mahya Abouie” both from Kanoon in Mehriz, Yazd Province; “Ervin Fouladvand” and “Radvin Kord Zangeneh” from Kanoon, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, and Hojat Elham-Bakhsh from Boshrouyeh, South Khorasan Province won bronze medal.

Also, "Sevin Mobaraki" from Kanoon center No 4,  Ardabil Province, "Maryam Rahimi" and "Mahshid Mohsenzadeh" both from Kanoon center No 2, Ardabil Province received honorary diploma.

1st Children International Painting Festival of Kerman (CIPFK) hosted by Kerman Municipality, UNESCO, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Welfare Organization of Iran and UNICEF with the intention of promoting children knowledge towards various dimensions of life and their enthusiasm to participate in cultural and social competitions to create better future; in the long run, introducing the historical and cultural city of Kerman with the cooperation of 37 countries.


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