Make the nation of Iran happy by producing native dolls

Prominent Polish doll designer and producer “Aleksandra Trościankowska” shared her experiences in designing, producing, and creating her dolls in a virtual meeting.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Trościankowska spoke at a meeting on Monday, May 24, 2021, organized by the General Administration of Creative Entertainment and Computer Games of Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon), about her experiences from the time of graduation to the establishment of her personal brand called “Bambak” and the challenges of the design and production path for the ideators and participants.

The Polish designer completed his studies in fashion design in Poland and after graduating worked for Polish clothing brands. But the life of an employee was not something that satisfied her, so despite having young children and the responsibilities of a family life, she started sewing, dosing, designing and producing her unique dolls.

In 2010, Trościankowska registered her own brand called “Bambak”and produced her first professional dolls.

In the continuation of this meeting, the Polish doll designer expressed important points in production and sales and said; ‘A producer must find the audience that suits his/ her work. There are definitely people who will love your work so try to find them’.

"Persistence and perseverance are other important points in designing and producing dolls," she said. And continued "Sustainability and perseverance are half the path to success, even if you think you cannot handle something, at least try to do it”.

Trościankowska in response to the question "What challenges have you experienced along the way?" explained: ‘The challenges of design, production, and sales are many and varied, especially if you work alone and do all the production yourself. But that does not mean you have to back off or assume you have failed. It was difficult and complicated for me at the beginning of my career to work in different social media and multiple sites, but I knew I had to go through it to get the job done.’

The Polish designer also said:’ At first I thought I should sell my products in Western Europe, but after a while, I realized that my target market is my own country because people with the culture of my country will understand the importance of my work more.’

She continued;’ Iran has a population of over 80 million. If we assume that 10% of it can be the target of your designs, then you no longer need to worry about foreign markets, but you can design for your nation and make them happy with your unique designs.’

At the end of the meeting, Trościankowska wished success to all the ideators of the event, and as a final point, she said, "Always go your way and do not give up.".

It should be noted that in this meeting, which was attended by several toy designers and ideators from different cities of the country, Aidin Mahdi-Zadeh, secretary of the 4th National IdeaAzadToy Event, stressed the importance of holding these meetings and considered it necessary for Iranian designers to continue such discussions.


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