Publishing a Research about Adolescents’ Literature in a Journal in Scotland

The article titled “Modern Iranian Female Identity in Farhad Hassanzadeh’s Hasti” about Kanoon Plan for “Today’s Young Adult Fiction” was published in the International Journal Research in Children's Literature, No. 14, Edinburgh University Press, Scotland.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Amir Ali Nojoumian, the author, theorist, translator, associate professor of English Literature and Literary Theory, Shahid Beheshti University and Fatemeh Ghane, Kanoon literary instructor from Yazd center have written the article.

Based on the news, the fourteenth volume of International Journal of Research in Children's Literature is one of the most prestigious journals in the domain of studying children literature at an international level. It focuses on cultural and literary ideas and research in the area of children literature

Meanwhile in this article published in June 2021, Farhad Hassanzadeh, the author of “Hasti”, a novel for teenagers, is introduced as a successful Iranian author. Kanoon’a plan called “Today’s Young Adult Fiction” is introduced as a cultural movement in Iran Children and Adolescents’ Literature.

In addition, in the article "Modern Iranian Female Identity in Farhad Hassanzadeh’s Hasti", Kanoon plan for “Today's Young Adult Fiction" is discussed as a plan to compensate for the lack of written literature for children and adolescents in Iran. The plan is considered as important since teenage girls are the protagonist in seven novels in this series.


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