“The Short Cut to Achieving the Goals of Education System” Passes through Kanoon

In Kanoon board of directors meeting, minister of education approved that the “Short Cut to Achieving the Goals of Education System” passes through Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon).

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei during the meeting held on 15th June 2021 at Shahid Rajaie Building said, “When I think about Iran’s issues and problems of yesterday, today and tomorrow, there is no way but taking benefit from quality human resources and good relationship among them to solve them.”

He added, “The degree of obligation of a society to make progress lies in the degree of attention paid to the “Quality Human Resources” and “Quality Organization of Relations between Human Beings”. In national dividing, too, the task of “Quality Training of Human Resources” is on the Education System to form the individual and national character in this system and to establish foundations of civilization and culture.

The minister of education said working in the field of education is one of the most brilliant services. He added that “Educating human beings” is a serious and sensitive responsibility. Although we are not alone on this path, other institutions like “Family” have a part, as well. However, our responsibility is different from those of other institutions; because, meeting such responsibility is the reason for our existence. While other institutions who play a role in educating human beings are not only made for such purpose.

He continued: as the largest educational institution, we have divided the mission among various sections. I believe the most enchanting, creative, enthusiastic and even part of the mission is entrusted to Kanoon.

Member of Prudence and Hope Cabinet said, “Although the results of working with children is not observable like building constructions or establishing a tall tower but it is possible to bring up human beings to be seen all over the world.

While he put emphasis on Kanoon reaching its real position and said, “At present that Education system’s goals are affected by ‘university entrance exam’ and ‘knowledge oriented thinking’ is disrupted, it is expected to make more endeavor compared to the past to make education system’s goals come true by using quality manpower.

 Haji-Mirzaei said, “Based on the Document of Fundamental Transformation “Educating People for a Healthier and Better Life”, is “The Main Goal of Education System”. What is taking place at schools is in line with “Living Better” for people to be able to be independent in future, to be able to defy their rights and discover their outstanding abilities.

He said that “Preparing Students for an Honorable Life” is the shortest description of the objectives of the transformation document. He continued that although working in the domain of Education System is not easy, yet the “Short Cut to Achieving the Goals of Education System” passes through “Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults”.

Referring to the existence of more than 60,000 primary schools, minister of education said, “Students are Kanoon’s audience. Discovering their talent is their right. Accordingly, Kanoon must employ equipment and must make attractions for the students to select them through which they can flourish their talents.

Member of Prudence and Hope Cabinet continued, “Promoting Books and Book Reading Culture” is a necessary and important job that Kanoon must pay special attention to.

Haji-Mirzaei added, “Kanoon must prepare the conditions for pioneers and specialists of the field to contribute to the process of children and adolescents’ talents to flourish and shine.

It is reminded that at the beginning of the meeting, Mehdi Ali Akbarzadeh, Kanoon General Director, presented a report about Kanoon activities and programs. Then, Kanoon members of board of directors including Mehdi Argani, Majid Majidi, Afshin Ala, Ali Zarafshan expressed their outlooks.


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