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A Selection of Poems by Maftun Amini for Adolescents Published

A selection of Maftun Amini’s poetry, one of the most well-known contemporary poets, was published and sent to the market through a collection of books titled “A Selection of Our Poetry” selected by Fatemeh Salarvand.

According to Kanoon General Directorate for Public Relations and International Affairs, this selection is for the age category above 15 prepared under Maneli Manouchehri’s artistic supervision.

This work includes 92 pieces of poetry titled: Gift, Green Snow, Days, Beautiful Surprise, Search, The Wind, Fearing the Moon, Item…selected from many books by the poet.

In “Days” we read: Days cross the sky/ Before the clouds /Days are forgotten / Sooner than the replied letters / We fold days (like sofreh (table cloth) after the party / We set days (like flowers before summer) /When we take all the days / Nothing remains anymore /But soil and darkness / Days remain a bit more on white peaks / But cold and carious.

Kanoon is intending to publish collections of poetry titled “Our Poetry” by taking advantage of its previous experience and its precious background to prepare conditions for those adolescents who have the talent of poetry and are interested in today’s poetry. So far, several volumes of this collection are published and sent to the market.

 A number of books by Yadollah Maftun Amini born in 1926 are published. Books such as  “Lakes”, “Blizzard”, “Anarestan (Pomegranate Garden), “Whale or Wave”, “Faraway Now’s”, “Me, Autumn, and You”, “Out of Imagination”. Excerpts from these poems are included in this book.

Kanoon has published a selection of Maftun Amini’s poetry in 2500 and 120 pages for 14000 Tomans.

To purchase the book and other Kanoon cultural products you can walk to the stores where Kanoon products are presented. You have the chance to buy these products online at:


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